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1. Online Fundraising

Before you purchase some more cricket kit online, have a look at the "Market Place", Club cashback and easy fundrasing.

As we are part of the Pitchero network this means that as a Club, you can help raise money simply by purchasing kit through the Market Place. Have a look on the shop tab and do some online shopping. When you purchase the item, part of the purchase price will be donated to the Club so every little helps!

You also need to remember that we are part of the Easy Fundraising initiative so dont forget to go to Easyfundraising is a website that helps organizations, like ourselves, to raise money without lifting a finger!! All you need to do is visit the easyfundraising site (you can access this from the front page of the cricket club’s site) and check to see if the website you are purchasing your item from is signed up to support our cause. Please have a look at the categories tab on the left hand side of the home page. You can look through the A-Z of retailers or even look for the retailer via category. All of the major retailers are on their including, Amazon, John Lewis, Asda and many more!!! You will be surprised how many are willing to help!

So once you have established that the retailer you are planning to purchase an item from is on the list then please proceed to click on the 'register as a user' link on the home page. Once you have done this, the website will ask you which cause you are supporting. Please search for 'Countesthorpe Cricket Club' and click on our cause. Alternatively you can search for 'us' first and then register this way. If you click on the 'Find a cause' link and then Click on the letter 'C' we are on Page 31 at present. Find Countesthorpe Cricket Club and then click on this. You will then have the option to register.

All you then have to do is find the retailer in the list again and click on the 'visit store' icon. This will then take you to the retailers website and then continue to do your shopping and purchase the items as normal. You will not be aware that a donation has been made to us but we will receive a notification of the retailers donation once you have bought the item. And THATS IT!! You can also do exactly the same through the Club Cashback link in the Shop tab so please also remember to do this. Either one will help raise some money for the Club and cost you nothing!

So please have a look at these websites before you buy items online to help raise some money for us!