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Early Days
A cricket team from Countesthorpe was playing as early as 1868, but things did not get properly organised until the South Leicestershire League started in 1898. A Countesthorpe team first played in Division 3 in 1898, which they won in 1900. This side played on the beloved ground at the back of the Railway (now occupied by Beechings Close and Maurice drive).
Countesthorpe Baptists first played in 1906, and they too won Division 3 in 1910. Though both teams played in 1915, the First World War put an end to their cricket, and though the Countesthorpe club continued from 1919, it was not until 1925 that the Baptists reformed and played in the wonderfully named Leicester and District Mutual Sunday Schools Cricket League. They were qualified to play in this league because of their connection with the Baptist Church, indeed the Church Minister was the first President. The club regards 1925 as their official birth date, but the above perhaps explains why the clubhouse contains so many pictures of teams before then.
It should be noted in their 90 years or so history, the present club has played roughly equal amounts of time in the Mutual League, the South Leicestershire League and the Everards League, with just one year, 1983, in the Senior League.

South Leicestershire League
1900 Division 3 Countesthorpe
1910 Division 3 Countesthorpe Baptists
1922 Division 2 Countesthorpe
1922 Division 4 Countesthorpe 2nds
1934 Division 3 Countesthorpe 2nds
1951 Division 2 Countesthorpe
1954 Division 5 Countesthorpe Baptists
1963 Division 3 Countesthorpe Wanderers (by this time Countesthorpe CC had disbanded)
1963 Division 7 Countesthorpe Wanderers 2nds
1965 Division 6 Countesthorpe Wanderers 2nds
1974 Division 2 Countesthorpe Wanderers
1979 Division 2 Countesthorpe Wanderers
1981 Division 4 Countesthorpe 2nds

Mutual League
1925 Division 7 Countesthorpe Baptists
1928 Division 5 Countesthorpe Baptists
1939 Division 2 Countesthorpe Baptists

Everards Leicestershire County Cricket League
2002 Division 5 Countesthorpe 2nds
2013 Division 8 Countesthorpe 3rds
2017 Division 3 (runners up) Countesthorpe